KIFFWA Board of Directors

Susan Mudhune

Chair, KIFFWA fund &

Board Member, KIFFWA Fund Manager

Joy Busolo

Chair, KIFFWA Fund Manager

Joseph Murabula

Board Member KIFFWA Fund Manager

Carlo Van Wageningen

Board Member, KIFFWA Fund

Johan Kruger

Board Member, KIFFWA Fund

Joris Van Oppenraaij

Board Member, KIFFWA Fund

Management Team

Joseph Murabula


Effie Mutio

Associate (Corporate and Administrative Affairs)

Clement Wandera

Associate (Investment and Business Development)

Grace Ndegwa

Associate (Investment and Business Development)

Investment Committee

Johan Kruger

Chair, Investment Committee

Hein Gietema, M.Sc.

Imran Kahn, CFA

Annabell Waititu, MA

Kevin Kamemba, CFA, CPA

Advisory Committee Kenya

Patrick Obath

Edward Mungai

Dancun Onyango

Catherine Kola

Advisory Committee Netherlands

Hans Slegtenhorst

Jacqueline Barendse

Peter de Jong


KIFFWA consists of an onshore limited liability company which acts as the Fund Manager and Investment Advisor and an offshore Foundation / Stitchting based in the Netherlands, which is the fund, that performs the actual investments and owns the assets represented in those investments.