Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

KIFFWA does not provide funding directly to the Lead Developer but aims to support and finance specific activities eligible under our investment mandate and that are clearly outlined in the development budget of each initiative. Please see for more details on ‘What We Fund/Support’.

A. Financial close refers to a stage within the project’s development cycle where the funding needed for the project’s construction has been secured and any conditions attached to the availability of the funding have been fulfilled.

A. KIFFWA is mandated to take on projects with a minimum project size of EUR 2 million.

A. KIFFWA seeks to support projects at concept stage that have at least a prefeasibility study in place. KIFFWA may also, in some instances, support projects that are in the latter stages of the development stages that require further de-risking to unlock financing for construction.

The KIFFWA investment process is a 4 – stage process and will depend on how quickly the Lead Developer provides requested information to enable us to adequately review and appraise the opportunity. Please see ‘How We Work’ for more details on the Investment Process

A. No. KIFFWA funds only 50% of the development budget up to a maximum of EUR 500k

A. In return for its funding support, KIFFWA will seek to be allocated a significant minority stake in the Project SPV i.e., at least 25%.

A. Yes. Ideally the lead developer is required to contribute towards the remainder of the development budget that will not be covered by KIFFWA. However, the lead developer is also allowed to seek funding from other 3rd parties to complement the funding committed by KIFFWA.

We are a co-developer of water initiatives in Kenya.

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