Kenya Innovative Finance Facility for Water(KIFFWA) is a co-developer of water initiatives in Kenya. We provide early-stage capital, finance, and technical expertise to support the creation of viable water investment opportunities and attract (private) providers of finance.

Who We Are

KIFFWA is structured as a typical investment fund with a Foundation (located in the Netherlands) and a Fund Management Company (based in Kenya).


To be the first-choice co-developer of water initiatives in Kenya.


To provide financial and technical support to project developers in order to catalyse investment and growth of the water sector.

Core Values

  • Expertise
  • Integrity
  • Care for the Environment
  • Social Justice
  • Innovation
  • Business Orientation

The Water Situation in Kenya

Kenya faces water security problems resulting in an array of social, environmental and economic challenges. Water use and water demand for different purposes (drinking, agricultural, industrial etc.) is expected to rise significantly in the coming years. Addressing these problems requires huge investments.

The Water Financing Gap

The (Kenya) National Water Plan 2030 indicates that over USD 2 billion annually is needed for the coming years. As public budget alone cannot cover these investment requirements, other sources are needed. However, there is a lack of investment-ready and/or bankable initiatives and there is a lack of understanding of the water sector by lenders and investors. Financing expertise in the development stage of water initiatives is required to bridge the gap between the water and the finance sectors.

Issues addressed by KIFFWA

Kenya has been at the forefront of innovative financing of infrastructure, including blending various public and private sources. KIFFWA aims to add to this and  supports bankable initiatives that take on or manage to deal with some of the persistent finance challenges for the water sector like:

  • Lack of funds (particularly on decentralized level)
  • Affordability constraints
  • Lack of bankable projects
  • Lack of understanding by external lenders and investors
  • Limited funds for domestic operators
  • Risk profile and difficulty in managing risks
  • Short tenor of available finance

“It is our ambition to set an international example for co-developing water initiatives in emerging markets”